• Hangzhou Disaster Relief Material Reserve Project

    Project Management Contracting Model (PMC)
      The project is a key construction project in Hangzhou. The construction content includes the routine essential materials equipped according to the once-in-20-year standard, the special materials equipped according to the once-in-50-year standard, with a total building area of 9,000 square meters. After completion, the project will serve as the Hangzhou-level Disaster-fighting and emergency materials storage yard, and the emergency response capacity will radiate the whole city of Hangzhou. The content of construction management includes the whole process of project management services, such as pre-investigation, planning and demonstration, investment analysis, bidding management, construction management, project handover and post-operation and maintenance guidance.
    • Infrastructure Development Project of Jiangcun New Area in Hangzhou City

      Project Management Contracting Model (PMC)
        The total land area of the project is about 660 hectares, and the planning structure is "one center, two axes, three groups and five blocks". By improving the road network system, combing and integrating the land distribution, optimizing the construction control conditions, and giving full play to the resource advantages of the region, the project has now been built into the supporting clothing of the core block of the harmonious Hangzhou demonstration area. Business Center and "New Water Township" type of high-standard residential areas.
      • Jiubao Bridge Project in Hangzhou City

        Project Management Contracting Model (PMC)
          The project is an important part of the urban expressway network system of Hangzhou City Master Plan (2001-2020), "Two Circuits, Three Verticals and Five Horizons". It is also a key project in Zhejiang Province. The total length of the bridge is 1855 meters, the estimated total investment is 1.082 billion yuan. The superstructure of the main bridge is a 3 x 210 m span continuous beam-steel arch composite structure bridge. The total weight of the steel structure is about 13,000 tons. The construction adopts the first "integral pushing construction" construction method, which innovates the construction concept and construction technology, and many scientific research achievements reach the international leading level. The concept of life-cycle economy contributes to the development of composite structure bridges in China. The project won the 11th Zhan Tianyou Award of China Civil Engineering, the Luban Award of China Construction Engineering in 2012-2013, and the National Municipal Gold Award.