Construction Business

Longyuan Construction Group Corporation Operation Business Introduction

Longyuan Tianshu takes the industrial park +PPP and the industrial town +PPP as the core products, providing pre-planning, planning and design, investment, financing, construction and investment for the cooperation area. And the overall solution for the operation of the industry, to promote regional economic development with industrial development, and promote local industrial upgrading.

The Longyuan Tianshu team has been deeply involved in the field of industrial development for many years, and has rich merchant resources, overseas resources, business association resources and professional industrial import capabilities. The core team mainly comes from national platforms such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Zhangjiang Hi-Tech and the returnees with international vision. Through the practice of multiple projects, we have created a professional team with rich experience and profound understanding of industrial operations. It operates a number of industrial parks, industrial towns and industrial supporting projects, and has gathered many multinational corporations, well-known corporate customers and partners, and has attracted nearly 20 billion industrial projects.

After years of continuous innovation, Longyuan Tianshu has formed a sound industrial development system and created a six-in-one 4.0 industry operation model of “investment, operation, property, finance, resources and platform”. Tailor-made industrial development solutions for each project, in-depth research in the early stage, formulate industrial development goals and investment implementation plans, integrate global resources, promote investment in the medium term, effectively promote project landing, achieve investment goals, post-operation management, and foster the growth of landing enterprises. The combination of point and face, both near and far, and the overall promotion of industrial development. Create industrial clusters with regional characteristics according to local conditions and form new economic growth poles.